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Tips to fight Depression

Tips to Fight Depression

Depression is an emotional condition that can affect the person physically and psychologically, depending on the intensity of depression. Some people suffer from periods of depression because they have a problem with their partner, they have lost a family member because of financial problems, stress or worry. This type of depression is usually simple to deal with and occurs occasionally due to a crisis. However, some people suffer from chronic depression which can affect their health and reduce their quality of life. In this case, depression can be cured with the help of a specialist because, if not treated properly, it can create even more serious problems.

Nowadays, depression looks like a global epidemic because of the modern, stressful way of life. Fortunately, there are a number of suggestions and tips that can help us fight natural depression so we do not need to take pills or drugs that can make us addicted.

Exercise to fight depression

Regular exercise is one of the best natural remedies for fighting and preventing depression. There are different types of exercises and any kind of choice will offer you multiple benefits: yoga, aerobics, weightlifting, running, swimming ...etc,

You should not choose high-intensity exercises at the beginning. It is good to start with lighter exercises and over time you can increase the intensity of the exercises. Ideally, exercise at least half an hour every day or a little longer. If you want to increase their efficiency try to do outdoor exercises.

It is essential to overcome a stage of discouragement and loss of interest in things to perform activities that make you feel better. While it is true, that when you are depressed you do not feel like it or do not think that doing activities serves you at all, however, the execution of activities allows you to increase your level of physical and mental energy, to defocus the mind of negative thoughts and obsessive thoughts. put to the test and refute the negative thoughts.

The practice is that you select a group of activities that before generating a crisis generated interest and enthusiasm. For example, if before depressing you liked to practice some kind of sport, now you should propose to recover that activity, even if it is in a reduced way.


Diet plays a very important role in fighting and preventing depression. If things do not work so well in your life, add more vitamin B and calcium to your diet. At the same time, eliminate foods high in processed carbohydrates and sugar.

Herbal supplements to combat depression
Many types of herbs have relaxing and soothing properties that can help fight depression. One of the recommended herbs is St. John's Wort which is one of the most effective in treating depression. Other herbs and plants that are known for their ability to fight depression and anxiety are:
  1. Passiflora
  2. Melissa
  3. Lavender
  4. Lemon
  5. Valerian
  6. Oats
  7. Nettle

Seasonal depression is characterized by changes in eating and sleeping routines, reduced levels of energy and availability, and usually occurs with the first protozoans, ie at the beginning of autumn. It occurs in 10 to 20% of the total population and its symptoms are more pronounced in women.

People suffering from seasonal depression have different eating habits and sleep patterns in the summer than in the winter.

In winter, they tend to consume more carbohydrates and sugar than in the summer months. They also want more sleeping hours in the winter than in the summer. Due to reduced mobility and increased carbohydrate consumption, seasonal depressed people tend to increase their weight in the winter and reduce it in the summer, thus increasing their body fat in the long run and reducing basic metabolism.

1)Increase movement: Walk, dance, aerobic exercise, bicycle or swimming. Endorphins secreted during exercise will improve your mood.

2)Increase the consumption of complex carbohydrates, such as wild rice, macaroni, and wholemeal breadcrumbs.

3)Eat more foods rich in tryptophan, the amino acid that increases the production of serotonin, the "good mood" neurotransmitter. High tryptophan content has meat, eggs, banana, avocado, fish and nuts.

4)Consuming fish. Studies have shown that consumption of 100g fat fish 2-3 times a week contributes to the increase in the concentration of ω-3 fatty acids that have antidepressant activity. In conclusion, it would be beneficial to consume a portion of salmon, sardines, mackerel, fresh tuna, swordfish, anchovy or herring on a weekly basis.

5)Avoid over-consumption of products with increased sucrose content. Eating snacks temporarily improve mood and energy levels, but after a short time, the result is to lower glucose levels to levels lower than those before consumption of the sucrose-rich product.

There is some evidence in the literature that plant products such as Siberian ginseng and St John's wort help reduce the symptoms of seasonal depression, but more clinical studies are needed to confirm their usefulness.

It is, therefore, possible to combat the symptoms of seasonal depression by applying a balanced diet along with regular aerobic exercise. However, the person needs to first recognize the problem and reflect on the solution. At the same time, there is a need for encouragement and support from environmental stakeholders.

Breathe a little fresh air

When you are depressed, contact with nature can be an amazing treatment that will help you feel better. It is good to go for walking in open-air areas for at least 30 minutes. You can, among other outdoor activities, walk your dog, go to the river or take a bicycle.

Rest Enough

Another key element to winning the battle with depression is to sleep at least 7 hours every night, without interruptions, so that your body regains strength and renews. Good rest will improve your mood, help you be more flexible and significantly reduce depression.

Another technique taught by psychologists is relaxation. This technique is essential for you to learn to loosen your muscles and with it your mind as well. When the body is relaxed, your psychological fitness is more serene and your way of thinking becomes less negative, apprehensive, obsessive or rigid.

Do activities that please

Life does not just work, responsibilities and homework. It is very important to spend some time on yourself and doing activities that please. Go for a holiday, for shopping, spend some time in your family, go out with friends, go to a leisure park; all this and many more are excellent treatments to fight depression and stress.

Keep your hands constantly busy
Keeping your hands constantly busy can be a good cure for fighting depression. The idea is to be creative and to do something that will highlight different virtues. For example, you can do some kind of workmanship, cook for your family, sew, bake, write, take pictures, paint, and more.

Write about your feelings
If you do not want to share your anxiety with others and have difficulty expressing your feelings, a good cure for fighting depression is writing or reading. Transferring your thoughts and feelings to paper is a way of escape and reflection. For more information on depression and symptoms, please read Dr. Friedman et. al. here.

Call a friend of yours
If you are one of the lucky ones and you have a good friend who is always ready to help you at any stage of your life, try calling him/her every time you feel melancholic. It is true that it is not always pleasant to talk about our feelings when we are melancholic but a friend's suggestions and especially when you know he will support you will help you overcome this crisis.

Develop your Self-Esteem

Psychologists have clear that self-esteem is to mental health what an immune system resistant to the physical body. With a good level of self-esteem, it becomes very difficult for depression to develop. Self-esteem is supported by good self-support, where we value ourselves and tolerate our faults.

The fundamental practice of developing self-esteem consists of the identification and elimination of self-critical thoughts. The biggest enemy of you is yourself, particularly when you attack with critical thoughts. You have to learn to speak to yourself in a respectful way by giving yourself the value you have just for being a person. Treating yourself well, as a good father would do who conveys your love, support, and appreciation is key to developing your self-esteem.

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